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Special Summer Issue - Celebrating Our Year

The ARMA 2019/2020 year was a year like no other.  All of us worked in a way we never could have imagined just 6 months ago. 

The ARMA year ended with a virtual Awards Ceremony, a Zoom meeting where we all had fun in cyberspace. Cheryl Banke and Kelly Minta, the outgoing Chairman of the Board and President, hosted a great evening of games, prizes, and of course the awards announcements. And thanks to Cheryl, we were treated to a live demonstration of the making of a Lemon Martini. (See the last item in this newsletter for ingredients and instructions). We look forward to the day when we can all celebrate together face to face in person again. 

The summer is nearly over, Fall and the new ARMA year are just around the corner, but shake yourself a Lemon Martini and enjoy - the martini and the rest of the summer.  

- Laurie Gingrich, Newsletter editor

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Community Service

The Chapter contributed $1,335 to SitStayRead during the 2019/2020 programming year!  Big thanks to Esther Diamond for her leadership of the Community Service Committee.

The mission of Sit Stay Read is to advance children’s literacy skills using an engaging curriculum, certified dogs, and dedicated ‎volunteers for students in kindergarten through third ‎grade in select Chicago Public Schools. Certified Reading Assistance dogs help ‎students feel more comfortable, less stressed, and better able to focus on their work.‎ They’re not only great listeners – the dogs also develop a bond with kids, and are featured in stories or book dedications written by the students.

For more info, check out

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Awards Night Celebration

Joseph Suster was awarded the Marjorie Thomas Payne Award for  lifetime achievement. Joe provided a sustained level of commitment to the ARMA Chicago chapter, including after his retirement from the National Archives & Records Administration. This award is not issued every year. We are proud to present it to Joe in recognition of his career in government service in the field of Records Management and his work with the Chicago chapter.

Kathryn Cifrino was awarded the Charles N. Garrison Award in recognition of her significant contribution to the development of Information Governance/RIM at her company. She conducted research and created Retention Schedules, worked with others to draft policies and procedures and implemented true destruction efforts.  

Seth Williams of MER Conference Inc., was named Champion of the Year for MER’s continued amazing work as a partner and for finding the technology to bring Spring Seminar to fruition at no cost to ARMA Chicago.

Cheryl Strom received a Special Commendation for her work as the chapter Treasurer.  Cheryl dove right in head first to learn about our finances.  We are fortunate to have her on the Board.

Eric Torres received a Special Commendation for his work on the Membership committee.  Eric took an active interest in finding new ways to increase chapter membership.  He brought a fresh perspective.

Kelly Minta was recognized as Chapter Leader of the Year for the dedication, leadership, and passion she showed as President. She applied what she learned from the National Chapter Meeting, created a chapter Handbook, and showed amazing leadership in a time of crisis.  Kelly always stepped up where work was needed.

Lauren Doerries was awarded Rookie of the Year for putting this years’ Spring Seminar on even in the midst of a global pandemic. She showed determination, resiliency, and the ability to be flexible.

Cheryl Banke received the ARMA Mentor Award for her contributions to the success of the Chapter Board since 2017 and her willingness to share knowledge, experience, and lessons learned.

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Virtual Happy Hour

A Toast to Our 2019/2020 Awards Recipients

Lemon Martini: put the vodka, lemon juice, syrup, lemon, and ice in a container and shake vigorously.

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