Who should become a part

Anyone who is involved with the management of information within their organization. Professionals that need to know the best management principles and best practices for today's workplace.

Who has already become a part

  • Records and Information Professionals

  • Information Systems Professionals

  • Knowledge Manager

  • Records Compliance Managers

  • Governmental Officials

  • Legal Professional

  • Directors

  • Imaging Specialist

  • Archivist

  • name a few

Why become a part - The power of membership

An ARMA membership both International and locally provides an individual with the tools and network connections needed in this rapidly changing world of information management. Here are only a few reasons to join:


  • Monthly Education lunch program covering a wide assortment of topics affecting the industry today

  • Bimonthly professional Journal published by ARMA International

  • All day local seminar over a wide scope of ideas and issues facing the professional

  • Access to chapter's Records and Information Library

  • ARMA International Annual conference giving you access to top the professionals and speakers and international networking opportunities with your peers

  • Access to up to the minute legislative news

  • Access to ARMA Intl web seminar and other online classes


  • Member Directory connects you with people within your industry

  • Discover new sources to help you to do your job effectively

  • Local and Continental job banks provide a direct link to new employment

  • Monthly meeting provide face-to-face time with others professional within your field of work

  • Sharing of ideas in an open environment

  • Access to a international membership that is 11,000 strong


  • Monthly workshops to aid your certification as a Records Management (CRM)

  • Leadership experience and growth opportunities within the chapter and through ARMA International

  • Assessment of competencies as a Records and Information professional

  • Giving back to the community we live in by sharing our skills and time to groups outside our association

Scholarships and Discounts

  • Discounts on books, seminars, and conferences both local and international

  • Local scholarships to ARMA Intl Annual conference

  • Local scholarship towards a Records and Information degree

  • Scholarship to local all day seminar

Annual Dues

  • ARMA International: Basic - $175

  • ARMA International: Student - click here for more information

  • ARMA Chicago: $50

Join ARMA International

Phone: (800) 422-2762
Email: [email protected]
Download: Application Form (pdf 110kb)

Join ARMA Chicago*

*You may join the Chicago Chapter through ARMA International