Situational Leadership Workshop by Brew your Skill

October 24, 2017
3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

The Comedy Bar
500 N. LaSalle
Chicago, IL 60654

Brew Your Skill is a personalized training company designed to engage from start to finish. We are committed to becoming the most engaging training in the world.

Why "Brew Your Skill"? Because we know that the best beer doesn’t brew overnight, it can take weeks and months to develop. We believe the same is true of people as it relates skill development.

 In our situational leadership workshop, we’re working through the toughest job in being a leader: leading effectively. Our facilitator will bring engagement in the form of activities, laughter, and concrete, tangible learning to give you the insights to execute effective leadership no matter the situation. You’ll walk out of this workshop with specific tools to flex your leadership style.

All donations will be made to Ronald McDonald House.  



$10.00 Donation

$0.00 Guests (non-members) are free