May ARMA Chicago Meeting

May 09, 2018
11:45 AM - 2:00 PM

Marriott Hotel
540 N. Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

eDiscovery Bootcamp

This presentation will provide a high-level overview of the phases of eDiscovery and is designed to familiarize attendees with the terminology and processes used by law firms and their litigation support teams.


  • Understand enough about eDiscovery so that when you receive an ambiguous request from a litigation team, you are able to ask an intelligent follow-up question which will ultimately save your firm time and money


  • Develop an understanding of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model


  • Learn how the different methods of culling work together to reduce the number of documents which need to be reviewed


  • Acquire a working knowledge of document review, including the decisions made during the review process


  • Identify and recognize the most common document production formats


About our Speaker:

John Fischer is a Discovery Consultant with McDermott Will & Emery, whose focus is on leveraging analytics, identifying creative uses for advanced technology and developing innovative workflows that increase document review speed and quality.

John is a licensed attorney who began his career in eDiscovery 15 years ago.  For nearly 10 years, he led attorney document review teams of all sizes.  Five years ago, however, he transitioned to the technical side of eDiscovery and now manages litigation cases through every stage of Discovery.

He earned his MBA in 2006 and is certified as a Professional Project Manager by the Project Management Institute.  In addition, he holds four separate certifications from Relativity, an international eDiscovery Software Solutions company.


You will need to check in on the 5th floor in the Marriott Hotel on Michigan Avenue at the MER Conference.  

Meeting & lunch fee:

$35 for ARMA members
$35 for MER members
$45 for non-members


$35.00 ARMA Members

$45.00 Non-Member Ticket

$35.00 MER Member